Grape kun blade runner

Grape kun blade runner

A culture term with many interdialectal loans: Ul. Meaning: to stretch Russian meaning: вытягивать, расправлять, разворачивать Evenki: gilde- Even: gildъ- Negidal: gilde- Ulcha: gulde-. The variant toqo in Orok is unclear some old interdialectal loan?

Related Papers. Journal of Language Relationship Some morphological parallels between Hokan languages. Phonological Reconstruction of the Kampan branch of Arawak Modeling a Protoconceptual Space of Language Modeling a Protoconceptual Space of Language a phonosemantic and cognitive study of Indo-European roots with the initials d-and dh.

The vowel systems of California Hokan. Modes of Publication: Irregular intervals, approximately 5 to 10 volumes per Materials from the First International Interdisciplinary year. Monographs, collections of papers on topical issues, proceedings of Symposium on Language and Prehistory, Ann Arbor, colloquies etc.

Koch Bochum. Sebeok Bloomington , Vladimir N. Winner Cambndge, edited by Mass. Germany Tel. Universitatsverlag Dr.

NE: Shevoroshkin, Vitaly [Hrsg. Its preparation was funded by a private group of Michigan citizens headed by Dr. Ramesh Mohindra. Funds were graciously donated by Drs. Mohindra, Dr. Ghosh, Dr. Sinha, Drs. Goburdhun, Dr. Pujara, Dr. Jalil, Dr. Patil, Dr. Bhatt, Dr. Vartanian, Drs. Padypaty, Dr. Funds were also donated by Mrs. Underwood Ann Arbor , Prof. Mair Philadelphia , Drs. Marsland New York. I am very grateful to Evanne Dietz, Willie Emerson, and Alex Eulenberg, for proof-reading, retyping, and reformatting the various manuscripts and typescripts.

Norbert Brockmeyer for their consistent help and encouragement. KG, Hagen. River dialect. Yuma subgroups: Nort. Espesially it. Yare t. The t.

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Ts la-picula? Cwa t. A- - De5ni -mount. Y CPe Li-akak - t. Ya homaicaku.. CPR phum ; K C? Berkeley, Pi l Ri ver leaching dicli onary. Alexandra Y. Yana diclionary. The possibility of a genetic affinity between Amerinaian langua- 6.

Preprinl, Cily gueS an d the languages of the Old World has long been sparking the in- tere st of comparative linguists. Sari-caslellano, caslellano-seri v ocabula- Eu rasian ancestors. Turner , S.

Chonlal lo Spanish-English dicli onary. Nos trat ic and Eskimo-Aleutian Mudrak , Dolgopolsky , as well Apr 11 -May A nUr:1ber of lexical correspondenc es between these and kan languages. Meaning: 1 to pull out, take from 2 refl. It is interesting to compare the Evk. Meaning: 1 to slander, slander 2 to answer Russian meaning: 1 клеветать, клевета 2 говорить в ответ.

Comments: ТМС 1, Despite Doerfer MT 73, cannot be borrowed from Mong. Forms like Evk. Comments: ТМС 1, 29, Udighe: ala 4 Comments: ТМС 1, Meaning: 1 to tell 2 caus. Meaning: 1 currants 2 a k.

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The relation of Neg. TM Nan. Meaning: grandfather; uncle elder brother of father, mother Russian meaning: дедушка; дядя старший брат отца, матери Negidal: apa Nanai: papa Naikh. Comments: ТМС 1, 47, 2, Comments: ТМС 1, 8. Change viewing parameters Select another database. Meaning: a k.

Meaning: 1 to crumble of earth, snow 2 to kill an animal after a long hunt Russian meaning: 1 обваливаться о почве, снеге 2 убивать зверя при облаве.

See ТМС 1, 41, Attested only in Evk. Tungus etymology : New query Total of records pages Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Attested only in Manchu, but having probable external parallels.

See ТМС 1, Attested only in Manchu, but having reliable external parallels. Может, сюда японского крокодила? Плавает и хищный. Еще к монг. Meaning: in the direction of postpos.

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Attested only in Oroch, but having probable external parallels. Meaning: younger relative-in-law Russian meaning: младший свойственник, свойственница шурин, свояченица Evenki: bener Even: benъr Negidal: bene Ulcha: bener, beneli Nanai: bener Oroch: bene Udighe: bene Comments: ТМС 1, Select an English or Russian word and press the button to open a lookup window. Tungus etymology : New query Total of records pages. Attested only in Negidal, with possible external parallels.

Comments: ТМС 1, , Isolated in Evk. Attested only in Manchu, but with probable external parallels. Meaning: 1 wrist 2 lapel on mittens Russian meaning: 1 запястье 2 отворот на рукавицах Evenki: bile n 1, 2 Even: bilen 1 Negidal: bile 2 Orok: bile 2 Udighe: bule 1 Корм. Oroch: bipti 3. Meaning: to follow smb.

Attested only in Evn. Length in Nan. Attested only in Orok, but with rather probable external parallels. Meaning: 1 to be afraid 2 to worry 3 to be shy, confused Russian meaning: 1 пугаться 2 беспокоиться 3 робеть, смущаться Evenki: bolgo- Negidal: bolgo- 1. On Evk. Аникин Meaning: 1 birch cradle 2 birch bark put into cradle 3 suitcase Russian meaning: 1 берестяная люлька 2 береста, которую кладут в люльку 3 чемодан Evenki: bukun 2 Even: buk 1 Literary Manchu: buqtulin 3 Comments: ТМС 1, Meaning: 1 to form, spring up of an ulcer, lump, swelling 2 to be, become convex, pop out of eyes 3 sinew, cartilage Russian meaning: 1 вскочить о волдыре, шишке 2 вытаращить глаза , быть лупоглазым, выпуклым 3 сухожилие, хрящ.

Attested only in Manchu, with possible external parallels. The word is attested only in Evk. Meaning: 1 a hoof disease, to suffer from hoof disease 2 pimple, pustule, to pustulate Russian meaning: 1 копытница болезнь оленей , болеть копытницей 2 прыщ, угорь, покрываться прыщами, пупырышками Evenki: butu-, butun 1, buture- 2 Even: butuke. The vocalism is not quite clear because of the doublets with -i- and -u- due to interdialectal borrowing and perhaps also Mongolian influence, see below.

Meaning: 1 breast fem. Comments: ТМС 1,, 2, Occasional forms with -o- Evk. The Evk. The relation of Evn. Meaning: to eat smth. Attested only in Neg. Comments: ТМС 2, , Attested only in Manchu, but having probable Kor. An expressive and isolated root, therefore the PTM reconstruction is dubious. The word resembles Mong. Meaning: 1 growth, bushes 2 a k. Comments: ТМС 2, The Nan. Meaning: 1 a k.

The root is expressive and subject to various irregular changes. Secondary vowel shortening in Nan. The Manchu form is regarded as a mongolism by Rozycki, but unlike Evk. Attested only in Ud. Attested only in Manchu, with parallels in Turk.

Rozycki 61 proposes Man. Meaning: 1 to lap, swill 2 to feed animals Russian meaning: 1 лакать 2 кормить животных Evenki: dala- 1 Even: dal- 1.

Length in Ul. Isolated in Ul. Doerfer MT 38, Rozycki Shortness in Nanai is unclear. Meaning: 1 paste, fool 2 to paint 3 paint Russian meaning: 1 пастила, кисель 2 красить 3 краска. Attested only in Manchu, but having quite probable external parallels. Meaning: 1 to become faint, dissolve 2 lose consciousness Russian meaning: 1 замирать о звуке , рассеиваться о дыме и т. Comments: ТМС 1, Nanai: derbi-ktu 1, derbe- 2 Oroch: debbi- 2 tr. Attested only in Manchu, with probable external parallels.

The comparison with Mong. It matches phonetically Evn. We may well be dealing with a secondary semantic contamination in Nan. Borrowing from Mong. Meaning: 1 lynx 2 a k. Russian meaning: хвататься за что-л.

Oroch dugda-; the Neg. Meaning: 1 to carry, take with smb. Meaning: 1 to paw, hit with hooves of a horse ; to rough-house 2 to faint Russian meaning: 1 бить копытами; буянить 2 падать в обморок Literary Manchu: ekte- 1 Udighe: ektine- 2 Comments: ТМС 2, Meaning: to come, reach, arrive Russian meaning: приходить, прибывать Evenki: eme-. For all the forms except Evk. On the semantic correlation "index finger" : "small finger" see Dybo This was compared by Poppe 18, 44, 87 with Mong.

Meaning: to be angry Russian meaning: сердиться Evenki: gegin- Even: gegin- Negidal: gewxe- Ulcha: gewxe-de- Nanai: geuxe-de-.

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Attested only in Nanai, but having possible external parallels. Meaning: to procure poles for the tent Russian meaning: заготовлять жерди для остова юрты Evenki: gerbe- Even: gerben-. ТМС 1, If the original meaning is "to cut aslant" cf.

Meaning: 1 to gallop 2 to send 3 to spy Russian meaning: 1 бежать рысью 2 посылать 3 разведывать. Meaning: to sprinkle with wine sacr. With the latter meaning it was borrowed into Ud. Golo id. Meaning: 1 to submerge 2 to sink, get stuck in smth. On Mong. Meaning: to stretch Russian meaning: вытягивать, расправлять, разворачивать Evenki: gilde- Even: gildъ- Negidal: gilde- Ulcha: gulde-. Shortening in Nan. Meaning: 3d p.


Tungus etymology : New query Total of records pages Pages: 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Back: 1 20 Forward: 1 20 Interdialectal loans are not excluded. Attested only in Manchu, but having plausible external parallels. Comments: Cf.

Meaning: 1 to command 2 to arrange in order 3 order Russian meaning: 1 командовать 2 расставлять по очереди 3 очередь Even: idu- 1 Literary Manchu: idu 3, idure- 2 Ulcha: idu n 3 Nanai: idu 3, idule- 2 Comments: ТМС 1, Vowel shortening in Nanai is secondary.

Meaning: 1 salmon fat 2 salmon stomach Russian meaning: 1 жир калуги, осетра 2 желудок калуги. The Manchu form was widely borrowed Sol. Despite Poppe , , Evk. Modern forms like Evk. Meaning: 1 woodcock 2 hazel grouse 3 wild birds ducks, geese 4 jackdaw 5 a k. Meaning: 1 to reproach 2 to look down on Russian meaning: 1 упрекать 2 пренебрежительно глядеть Even: qas- 1 Literary Manchu: qasana- 2 Comments: ТМС 1, Meaning: to knock with hooves , sound of knocking Russian meaning: стучать копытами , подражание стуку Negidal: keter-keter Literary Manchu: kete-qata Ulcha: ketes Orok: qatam, qatar, qatari Nanai: keter-keter Comments: ТМС 1, , Other expressive variants are: Man.

Because of recurring long vowel in Evn. Meaning: 1 belt 2 to bulge of belly Russian meaning: 1 пояс, набрюшник 2 выпятить живот Evenki: kebder- 2 Literary Manchu: xebtexe 1 Jurchen: xebu-de 1 Comments: ТМС 1, , Meaning: 1 variegated, spotted 2 mole Russian meaning: 1 пестрый, пятнистый 2 родимое пятно Even: keldъr 2.

Attested only in Manchu, but probably archaic cf. Meaning: 1 rowan berry 2 a k. Meaning: 1 circle, ring 2 to bind into bunches 3 to reel 4 bunch Russian meaning: 1 круг, кольцо 2 связывать в пучки 3 наматывать 4 связка, пучок Negidal: kejgeli 1.

The Manchu form obviously belongs here and has nothing to do with Evk. The vocalic reconstruction is not quite clear. Meaning: 1 crayfish 2 a k. The dialectal Evk. Oroch: kiti Comments: ТМС 1, Attested only in Manchu, but having probable external parallels; cf.

Meaning: 1 cunning 2 deceit 3 to deceive 4 catching thieves Russian meaning: 1 хитрый 2 ложь 3 обмануть 4 поимщик воров и разбойников. The listed forms cannot be regarded as mongolisms, despite Doerfer MT 77 although forms like Evk. Despite Doerfer MT , Evk. Meaning: 1 stone ring 2 ring, pectoral Russian meaning: 1 каменное кольцо 2 кольцо, обруч Ulcha: qoso n 2 Orok: qoso 1 Oroch: koso 1 Comments: ТМС 1, Meaning: 1 ringing sound expr.

Meaning: whirlwind, snow storm Russian meaning: метель, пурга Negidal: kuje Oroch: kue, kuwe Udighe: kue Корм. Meaning: 1 nut 2 blue-berry Russian meaning: 1 орех 2 голубика Even: kujkit 2 Nanai: qojaqta 1 Oroch: kuikta 1 Udighe: kuikta 1 Корм.

Medial -l- is not reflected it is best preserved in Manchu which has lost the root ; but cf. Meaning: vessel for spoons, knives etc. Despite Rozycki , Man. Comments: Poppe 19, 68, Дыбо 5, Лексика but the Turkic parallels should probably be separated: cf. Comments: Martin Kor. Perhaps one should think of an early merger in Kor. Meaning: evil spirit Russian meaning: злой дух Nanai: kumtu Bik. Attested only in Nanai, but having probable external parallels.

Attested only in Manchu, but having probable parallels in Turk. Altaic etymology:. Meaning: 1 to cover 2 cloth 3 sheath, boxing 4 sack 5 knee covers 6 hat 7 cover n. Comments: ТМС 1, ; 2, Attested only in Manchu thus the reconstruction is not quite secure , but having probable external parallels. Meaning: 1 elm 2 a k. ТМС 1, , Meaning: 1 saddlebag 2 bag 3 to saddle 4 saddle Russian meaning: 1 вьюк 2 мешок, куль 3 седлать 4 седло Evenki: lamba 1 dial.

Comments: ТМС 1, , Дыбо Shortening in Nanai is not quite clear for historical length cf. Meaning: 1 to be busy with smth. In Manchu cf. Meaning: 1 lynx 2 blue fox 3 young lynx Russian meaning: 1 рысь 2 голубой песец 3 рысенок Evenki: luku 1 диал. Meaning: 1 to prick 2 to pierce, pass through Russian meaning: 1 колоть 2 протыкать, проникать, проходить через.

Attested only in Manchu, but having rather probable external parallels. Udighe: maka 2 Comments: ТМС 1, , Meaning: wild cat; steppe hare Russian meaning: дикая степная кошка; степной заяц Literary Manchu: malaxi. Novikova Новикова , quotes Mong. Meaning: 1 to be devoid of smth. Meaning: 1 to die of epidemic 2 to destroy 3 bad omen 4 to catch an epidemic disease Russian meaning: 1 вымирать от эпидемии 2 уничтожать 3 плохая примета 4 заразиться во время эпидемии.

Meaning: 1 to row 2 oar Russian meaning: 1 грести 2 весло Evenki: melbike 2 Negidal: melbixen 2. Meaning: 1 to become blunt 2 teethless Russian meaning: 1 тупиться 2 беззубый Even: mele- 2 Negidal: melu-melu 1, melmetu 2 Literary Manchu: mentexe 2 Ulcha: muluptu- 1 Orok: melli-melli 1 Nanai: mulup- 1 Comments: ТМС 1, Meaning: 1 breast female , udder 2 foster-mother Russian meaning: 1 грудь ж.

An onomatopoetic root. Attested only in Oroch, with possible external parallels. Meaning: to warn, let know Russian meaning: предупреждать, сообщать Evenki: metew- Even: metu- Negidal: metew-. Meaning: 1 to shamanize 2 to be noisy, produce noise Russian meaning: 1 камлать 2 шуметь Evenki: migdi- 2 Oroch: magui- 1. Meaning: 1 to bend over 2 to go back Russian meaning: 1 перегибаться, разгибаться 2 отскакивать обратно Literary Manchu: mita- 1 Jurchen: mi-ta-buje- 2 Comments: ТМС 1, Meaning: name of a tree similar to quince Russian meaning: назв.

Tungus etymology : New query Total of records pages Pages: 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 Meaning: 1 to cut into pieces etc. The Orok and Ul. Meaning: 1 deer 1 year old 2 young boar 3 young pig Russian meaning: 1 олень дикий, годовалый 2 кабан молодой 3 поросенок.

TJ , Stachowski Some other forms Sol. Meaning: 1 short-tailed mouse 2 mole Russian meaning: 1 короткохвостая мышь 2 крот Negidal: muktuj 1 Literary Manchu: muqdun, muqtun 1, 2 Orok: muktuli 1, 2 Nanai: muktur 2 Comments: ТМС 1, Meaning: 1 to fall ill 2 weak, tired Russian meaning: 1 заболевать 2 слабый, усталый Evenki: mul- Вас. Meaning: 1 to rot trans. See ТМС 1, , , Meaning: 1 to slaughter a deer 2 to peel bark Russian meaning: 1 заколоть оленя 2 ободрать кору Evenki: murdul- 1, murdune- 2 Comments: ТМС 1, TM cf.

Meaning: 1 stomach disease 2 to be ill, sick Russian meaning: 1 желудочное заболевание 2 болеть. Meaning: convenient, skilled Russian meaning: удобный, удобно Negidal: nam Ulcha: nam Orok: nam-nam Nanai: nam Oroch: nam. Attested only in Manchu, with a possible parallel in Jpn. Comments: ТМС 1, , , The Manchu word could be derived from MMong.

Isolated in Ewk. The Jurch. Attested only in Manchu, with possible cognates in Kor. Meaning: 1 earth 2 hearth Russian meaning: 1 земля 2 очаг Evenki: jerke, dial. Comments: ТМС 1,, Meaning: 1 skin not smoked 2 a k. Other traces of initial nasal can be seen in: Man. Meaning: 1 thicket 2 a k. Meaning: 1 buckwheat 2 selfheal 3 young grass 4 a k. Meaning: 1 weak, faded 2 to weaken, diminish Russian meaning: 1 слабый, бледный 2 уменьшаться, ослабевать Literary Manchu: nitan 1, nitara- 2 Jurchen: ni-ta-ba 1 Comments: ТМС 1,